Travel Approval & Consulate Appointment

We are nearing one of the highlights of our journey as we received Travel Approval and a Consulate Appointment last week. Blossom was shown her photo album we sent and told that we would be traveling to China soon!  We are so very thankful for the opportunity to be Blossom’s Forever Family. It has been very busy around the Dawes household building wheelchair ramps and making travel plans…and of course packing!


I800 A Approval and Article 5

So thankful having received our I800 Approval for Petition to classify Adoptee as an immediate relative and to have the Article 5 submitted soon after from the US Consulate in China. Now we are awaiting news for Travel Approval from the CCCWA (The Chinese Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption). Then for a Confirmed CA (Consulate Appointment) with the US Embassy in Guangzhou. We are very eager to complete this process and be our daughter’s forever family!

Awesome Mother’s Day News…..

   It is a few days after Mother’s Day that we received the news of our Letter of Acceptance for the Adoption we have been pursuing.  Just when we were thinking we could barely stand to wait a second longer….Yes there is still MORE paperwork. 🙂 However, each document brings us one step closer to completing the adoption so we press on with that thought. 

While We Wait………………………………………..

Trying to keep busy with practical preparation while we wait. Our latest arrivalImagetor was a Mandarin Chinese English Visual Bilingual Dictionary along with a handheld translator for converting Mandarin to English and English to Mandarin.  Now to learn how to use the Translator for some helpful phrases for basic communication. I will write again regarding our family’s progress with this device. It felt like a necessity item for being able to talk with one another.


Our LID (Log In Date) is 4.26.12.  This is the date our dossier is officially translated and logged in China. We are so very thankful for this wonderful news. We are also finishing up the awesome bathroom remodel and it looks great! It will be very functional. I think I need to plant some flowers to celebrate this encouraging news….however I may need to wait until the thunder showers subside.



Yesterday…the Dossier to China. First it will be with the China Liaison for our adoption agency. Then it is sent to the government department that oversees adoption to be translated to Chinese. We will receive a log in date and wait for a letter of acceptance from the government adoption authority (CCCWA). As I contemplate even more paperwork I am encouraged by an anonymous quote I read in the book “Saving Levi”, “to the world you may be just one person but to one person you may be the world” If we step out by faith we will be available to make a difference. Sometimes the way is unclear however, we are unable to see how many lives that one person we reach out to will affect. With that thought I anticipate being purposeful in the small things.